Nii Modo

Artist Studio, Pop-Up Shop | Downtown

Nii Modo is an inclusive art space that strives to share work by underrepresented artists and first time exhibitors. Nii Modo presents exhibits that are deeply honest, by artists who share insight and passion. It is the ongoing project of a team that makes use of underutilized real estate in Seattle and beyond. Unlike commercial art spaces, Nii Modo has no capitalist goals. We simply want to sustain our space while making sure rental fees stay low and the highest percentage of sales go straight to artists and musicians. We’re open to new ways of doing things and ready to hear your ideas regarding how we can improve. Our mission is to provide the type of community and solidarity that heals the microaggressions you sustain outside.

For the foreseeable future Nii Modo is also the Seattle home of Punk Rock Rock Flea Market. As often as we can we will open Nii Modo to the chaos, camaraderie and collective effort of Seattle’s favorite underground shopping experience.

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