We’re thrilled to have you join us as a participant of Seattle Restored! Below are items to support your activation and help us streamline the numerous items that need to be completed to ensure we market your participation.

Some items are relevant to window display artists and some for pop-up activations. We will note for each item which is required. This page is divided into four sections. Click the buttons below to drop you down to each section. 

We have also created a PDF checklist so you can manage all program requirements. Please download this PDF and review as you move through the program.

Progressive Action Plan
We’d like to direct you our progressive action plan. This document outlines an action plan we will put into place if a participant does not meet the program contract requirements or if performance/conduct is disruptive to the program’s success.


1A - Submit signed contract & W9 Form

Required for all activations

Please submit your signed contract along with your W-9. You will receive notification of the contract and W-9 through an email from Shunpike Programs.

You will need a City of Seattle Business License number. If you do not have your license yet, please submit the form now and send us your license number as soon as possible.

1B - Submit Invoice

Required for all activations

You will receive an overview of invoicing requirements from Seattle Restored upon signing your contract.

Payments will be issued within 25 days of Seattle Good Business Network or Shunpike receiving invoices.


Required for all activations 

Every activation includes a window cling. See the example below. The QR code directs people to a map that includes all Seattle Restored locations.

The size of the cling is 36″ wide by 18″ in height. Please plan your window display accordingly. We typically place this cling in the lower right hand corner of the most prominent street facing window.

We need the EXACT spelling of what you would like included on the cling. Your info will be placed where the “Partners in Print” example is listed below.

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Sr Grayseaspies 020

1D - complete a short pre-activation survey

Required for all activations

This survey will help us assess the impact of the program. You will be asked to complete a similar survey at the completion of your activation.

This survey must be completed before we issue a participation stipend.

1E - Insurance Coverage

Required for pop-ups only if you desire theft insurance

As outlined in your contract, we require comprehensive liability insurance insuring against liability for injury to or death of persons and loss of or damage to property occurring in or on the Leased Premises in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 combined single limit for bodily and personal injury and property damage.

While we hold this insurance on your behalf, if you already have insurance you should add location details to your current policy. 

Additionally, your policy shall include the property owner as an additional insured.

If you would also like to hold theft insurance on your artwork or products, you may do so. Seattle Restored will not be held liable for any theft or damage at activation sites and we do not have this coverage for you.

If you do not have insurance and are not concerned with theft insurance coverage you do not need to get additional insurance.

We suggest ACT Insurance as a possible insurance option. Policies start at $149 for 90 days. 

1F - Create Profile page on Seattle Restored

Required for all activations except collective participants

Please complete the below form to create your profile on Seattle Restored. Information submitted through this form will create your public profile on the seattlerestored.org website, so please list exactly as you would like it to appear.
You will need your confirmed activation address before you can complete your profile.

We manually approve profiles, so please allow up to 24 hours to receive confirmation of your submission. Upon approval, you will have the ability to update your profile.

1G - Promote Your participation in Seattle Restored

Required for all activations

Use the below media kit to promote your participation in Seattle Restored. Your contract outlines the requirement that you include the Seattle Restored logo on your website, promotional materials, and select social media content while you are participating in the program.

Seattle Restored Instagram Story Takeover

As a Seattle Restored participant we invite you to take over our Instagram Stories for a day! This is a great opportunity to share your story and introduce your work to a broader audience.

Check out a snapshot of the marketing program that we have created to highlight not only Seattle Restored as a whole but you and your participation in the program.

1H - Square Point of Sale Request Form & Training

Available for all activations that have in-person sales

Square has generously offered Seattle Restored participants a free point of sale system that you may keep after completing the program. Units are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please complete the form below to request your unit. 

If you would like support in setting up your Square system, Square is offering 1:1 training sessions. Trainings are available on Fridays. Please let us know best time and date for an upcoming Friday to connect.

1I - Schedule Photography of your activation

Required for all activations

Each activation will be photographed. Please reach out to your main point of contact or seattlerestored@gmail.com to coordinate. For a pop-up space we would like to photograph when the space is active and enlivened with customers (these can be friends and family!)

1J - Schedule A-Board & Postcard Drop Off

Required Pop-Up Shops

Each pop-up activation is provided with an A-board and customer postcards. While participating in the program, we ask that you use the branded Seattle Restored A-board while you are open. It has a chalkboard insert that you can use to update your messaging. Others have taped a printed sign to the chalkboard area. You may keep the A-board after completion of the program, or you may return it if you do not think you will have a use for it. 

The postcards have general information about the program. We ask you to have them available for customers to pick up and include them with any purchase. It’s vital to get the word out about the program to support your venues and others. We want the program to continue, and this outreach helps those efforts!

Please contact your main point of contact to coordinate a drop-off time or reach out to seattlerestored@gmail.com to coordinate. 

Image 12
Image 11 (1)

1K - ACTivation TOOLKIT

Optional but extremely helpful for all activations

The below toolkit has been developed specifically for Seattle Restored participants by our partner Chris Guillot of Merchant Method

The toolkit covers:
– Materials you may need to purchase in order to activate your Seattle Restored storefront or window
– Checklist of required health and safety items including fire extinguishers and walk off mats for pop-ups 
– Purchasing ideas to activate your space including window lighting, shelving, cash wrap, audio, and packaging ideas
– Community resources including lists to public restrooms, homeless shelters, and substance abuse help services
– Design concepts to help you visualize your layout. Special emphasis on ADA compliance and safety requirements
– Activate your Seattle Restored storefront using the included project management planner
– A checklist to help you welcome customers into your pop-up as well as promotional checklist for all activations.
– An opening and closing checklist for pop-up spaces
– Coordinated video and audio training sessions (for those that don’t have the time to read through all the materials!) 

1L - Sign Up for A Retail Design Consultation

Optional for All Activations
One session limit per participant location

Schedule a brainstorming session with retail design consultant Courtney Levi Hunter to dream up your pop-up space and learn how to merchandise your products effectively. In the session, you will discuss your brand and business and how you want to project yourself to the world. 

You will cover:
  • getting inspired and choosing a design direction for your space
  • merchandising using design principles
  • curating an inviting store environment
  • cultivating client relationships
  • experimentation to drive sales


Optional for all pop-up activations

If you would like your pop-up space reviewed to support theft prevention and highlight any red flags for safety needs, you can reach out to Barb Biondo. She is the crime prevention coordinator for Seattle Police Department. You can set up a complimentary session with Barb to come to your venue and do a walk-through of your space.

This service is not required but highly recommended. We recognize not everyone is comfortable working with the Seattle Police Department. If this is the case, please feel free to reach out to seattlerestored@gmail.com, and we can support any alternative consultation.

Barb Biondo 
(she/her/hers) #8103
Crime Prevention Coordinator – Seattle Police Department, West Precinct
(206) 233-0015 – Barbara.Biondo@seattle.gov


For pop-ups located in Belltown, Denny Triangle, Pioneer Square, Downtown Retail Core, Waterfront or West Edge we suggest you familiarize yourself with the services available from the Metropolitan Improvement District

The MID can support:
– Removing individuals from in front of our on your premises  – trash removal  – graffiti clean-up
– waste removal  – safety escorts to transportation  – human services outreach and much more 

Hours of Operation
Daily 7:30 am – 9:30 pm |  206 -441-3303


We recognize being on your own at times in a pop-up can be challenging.

Below are some recommendations:
1. Consider always having two staff members on site at your pop-up. 

2. As outlined above we suggest those in the downtown core connect with Metropolitan Improvement District Safety & Hospitality team for support.

3. Connect with your neighbors. Get their contact details so you can text them for support.

4. Work with Seattle Restored staff to get contact details for any property owner security staff that may be available to you. Not all locations will have property owner managed security. 

5. Consider purchased a video security system like Ring. 

6. Do not hesitate to call 911 in any situation where you need support or are feeling unsafe.

7. Review this deescalation training info session. It is extremely helpful in understanding how to manage safety needs for your pop-up location.

1N - Apply for Accounting and Consulting Services

Optional for all activations

The Accounting and Business Consulting (ABC) program provides FREE one-on-one counseling and financial workshops to Seattle-based businesses seeking to re-establish operations after COVID-related disruption, and  businesses wanting to scale and grow. Consulting services provided under the ABC Program will help small businesses implement sustainable financial solutions and assist with operational strategy that include but are not limited to:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting guidance
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing plan assistance
  • Cash flow management
  • Credit awareness and improvement


2A - Submit your Monthly sales report

Required for all activations

As a Seattle Restored participant we require sales reporting to highlight impact of the program. Each month you will receive an email with a link to a submission form where you will be asked to input the sales generated from your participation in Seattle Restored for that month. Your information will be reported in aggregate only. 

Please complete by the 5th of the month for sales from the previous month.

We understand many activations may see no additional revenue beyond funds provided by Seattle Restored. If this is the case please still complete this form listing zero revenue for the month.


Required for all activations

Be sure to update your profile with new photos and details as you activate your space. If you change your hours or concept please update as well.

You can log in at: https://seattlerestored.org/wp-login.php.

2C - Attend Monthly Marketing Meeting

Optional for all activations

Join us for a monthly check-in meeting to learn about the marketing efforts happening through Seattle Restored and ways in which you can participate. 

2nd Wednesday of each month from 10 – 11 am
Zoom Link 

2D - Attend Office Hours

Optional for all activations

Check-in with your activations leads for open office hours. This is an opportunity to provide you with up-to-date information on your space, next steps, and any resources or opportunities we can share to help you grow and thrive!

1st Friday of each month from 10 – 11 am

Time Slot Sign upZoom Link for Office Hours with Andrea & Mia 


3A - Submit an Event listing

An option for all activations

Seattle Restored would like to highlight any special events you host through a feature on your profile page, the Seattlerestored.org events page, and Seattle Restored Instagram channel. Please complete the below form for EACH event you intent to host or send an email with events details to Vanessa Young at vanessa@seattlegood.org.

Please name photo files with your event name. Example: Launch Party for Seattle Arts United 

Information submitted will be added to the site by the Seattle Restored communications manager. Please allow up to 48 hours for event listings to be published. 

3B - Submit an Opportunity

An option for all activations

We have had many makers and artists ask through our Instagram feed and direct email inquiries how they can participate in Seattle Restored if they did not officially apply. 
The Seattle Restored program is focused exclusively on opportunities for those who applied to participate, but we know you may have great opportunities through your venues or as individuals! 
We have created this page to list opportunities where artists or makers might tap into your activation or opportunities.

Are you seeking vendors for a marketplace? Do you want to rent your space for events? Are you curating an art exhibit? 
We are promoting this page through our social media account, our newsletter, and as a link on our FAQ page. We will also offer as a resource anytime anyone reaches out to ask about opportunities through the program. 
To be included, please email Camille at camille@seattlegood.org with the below info. 
  • Opportunity title 
  • 2 – 3 sentences about your opportunity 
  • A link to your profile page or independent website 
  • An email or contact form page so people can reach out to you directly
  • Is this a free or paid opportunity 

3C - Mental Health Resource

An option for all activations

NationalDepressionHotline.org is a free resource that helps people find the correct Mental Health and Crisis Hotlines in their area. You can look at the Washington-specific page they have here: NationalDepressionHotline.org/Washington

NationalDepressionHotline.org’s goal is to provide free resources for people struggling with depression specifically. We are sharing this resource as we know how hard it is to find reliable and free resources to help yourself or a loved one struggling with mental health.


4A - Submit your final income report

Required for all activations

As a Seattle Restored participant we require revenue reporting to highlight impact of the program. Each month you will receive an email with a link to a submission form where you will be asked to input the sales generated from your participation in Seattle Restored for that month. Your information will be reported in aggregate only. 

Please complete by the 5th of the month for sales from the previous month.

We understand many activations may see no additional revenue beyond funds provided by Seattle Restored. If this is the case please still complete this form listing zero revenue for the month.


Required for all activations

Seattle Restored requires that all participants participate in a post-event survey within 15 days of completion of your activation.



Seattle Restored encourages everyone to participate in its programs and activities.

For translation, disability accommodations, materials in alternate formats, or accessibility information, contact Seattle Restored Program manager at seattlerestored@gmail.com.

Please provide at least 72 hrs. notice will help ensure availability; sign language interpreting requests may take longer. 

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