The below talented individuals are bringing Seattle Restored to life! 

Lisa Miyashita | Seattle Good Business Network
Seattle Good Business Network Operations Manager

Lisa has spent most of her professional career dedicating herself to supporting local artisan producers, primarily in the Washington State beer and cheese industries. Lisa is thrilled to support Seattle Restored and support its efforts to showcase the diverse talent and ingenuity of our local artists and entrepreneur while building a more equitable economy.

Camille Faulkner | Seattle Good Business Network
Seattle Good Business Network Events and Promotions Manager

Camille comes to Seattle Good Business Network from both a nonprofit and special events operations background. At the start of her career Camille held both Front and Back of house positions in the food industry before going on to helm the operations programs at two Seattle non profits, working in the housing and food access sectors. In addition to working with nonprofits on their day to day needs Camille uses a decade worth of special event and fundraising experience to direct detailed, mission driven events to fruition.

Rebecca Jordan | Seattle Good Business Network
Seattle Good Business Network Communications Manager

Rebecca (RJ) (she/her) comes from an arts background in theatre, costume design, science fiction, and art–and is passionate about supporting and connecting with creatives of all kinds. She most recently worked with 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainability. Her work there allowed her to learn about and grow a passion for food and environment alongside farmers, naturalists, foodies, and land stewards. Now, as Seattle Good Business Network’s Communications Manager, Rebecca gets to dive into her penchant for storytelling by connecting with neighbors seeking to build a better, more just economy together. In her down time, RJ can be found growing tomatoes, sketching, and taking close-ups of bugs.

Mia Stephenson | Seattle Good Business Network
Seattle Restored Program Manager

Mia is passionate about fostering growth for artists, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs and hopes her work with Seattle Restored will create a more diverse and sustainable local economy for us all

Vanessa Young | Seattle Good Business Network
Seattle Restored Communications Manager

Vanessa has a history of working with Seattle publications to highlight budding artists and businesses. She is passionate about supporting local creators and building community through storytelling.

Samy Hamiche | Shunpike
Program Coordinator

Samy works as a Program Coordinator for Shunpike, a nonprofit that empowers artists through equitable access to vital expertise, opportunities, and business services. He has experience in digital marketing as part of a previous role for a PR company, as well as event planning and business strategies. He also writes articles regularly for a French web media focused on the arts: “”

Andrea Porter | Seattle Made / Seattle Good Business Network
Program Manager 

Andrea joined the Seattle Good Business Network team in 2015 to help with the official Seattle Made launch party and later joined as the Seattle Made program manager. Andrea is a firm believer that the vitality of our community is bound to those who find the passion in pursuing independent business ownership!

Martin Tran | Shunpike
Program Manager

Martin Tran is the Program Manager at Shunpike, an organization that empowers artists through equitable access to vital resources. He is also an Executive Producer for the award-winning Vanishing Seattle docuseries, which focuses on the stories of displaced institutions, small businesses, and cultures of Seattle. Martin is passionate about holding space for underrepresented communities.

Line Sandsmark | Shunpike

Line Sandsmark is the Executive Director at Shunpike. Her leadership experience includes working as producer or executive director for various film projects and organizations while based in Scandinavia, as well as management of local arts organizations in Seattle. The intersection of art and commerce is a recurring theme in Sandsmark’s work which fuels her passion and a commitment to sustainability in the arts sector.

Ground Zero Radio
Video Production of Activations

GZ Radio is centered to serve youth who have an interest in pursuing careers related to multimedia and the entertainment industry with focuses on radio, broadcasting, podcasting, journalism, audio/video production, photography, marketing, social media, event planning, and civic engagement.

Makers of Seattle Restored Map

Proxi enables businesses, non profits and brands to create free, interactive maps on our website.

Samuel Francois | GrowingBoyMedia
Seattle Restored Photography


GrowingBoyMedia is a full-service creative media agency that offers services like photography, video production, social media content, and more with an emphasis on creating visuals for forward-thinking organizations, businesses, and brands.
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