The Reckoning

Window Art Display | Magnolia


LGBTQ+ Owned

In this massive diorama, titled The Reckoning, huge mountains dominate the landscape, waterfalls cascade down cliffs and tiny islands peek from Puget Sound.

The landforms dwarf us as we go about our lives – a reminder of our position here in the Pacific North West. The artwork seeks to put into perspective our everyday concerns, encouraging a longer term view, nurturing and responding to the natural world around us.

There’s also a deep interplay between the stillness of the monolithic landforms and the constant movement of the Sound, reflecting our physical and emotional connection with the water.

Ray Monde is renowned for his collage technique called ghostworking, where he overpaints paper from magazines allowing the print to ghost through the paint, adding depth and complexity to his work.

Ray Monde creates whimsical maritime vignettes of a much more modest scale, which are exhibited through Watson Kennedy stores at 1022 First Avenue, Seattle and 86 Pine Street, Seattle.

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