Rebecca Woodhouse

Window Art Display | Pioneer Square


Women Owned

Rebecca Woodhouse showcases her paintings at 220 2nd Avenue S., facing Foster White Gallery, in Pioneer Square. “Winter Memories” “Wild Ember”, and “Solar Dew” one are 3 sisters, all 70″ tall, depicting abstracted and stylized iconography of the sun in each. Woodhouse wonders what positive thinking might bring to the world. It seems like we’re living in a dystopian society. People picked up on the impending troubles and created dystopian lore. Instead of learning from these gripping, forewarning tales, we have indulged and perpetuated them. Without meaning to, we have really brought climate change and socio-political dysfunction upon ourselves. Can we reverse this idea?
Is it within our power to imagine a different future? Can utopian novels, movies, and art hold our captivation in the same way, allowing us to truly imagine a way out of the messes that we have created?
See her website for how she creates these linocut paintings. They range from 30×30″ to 70″ tall or wide.

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