Rather Puckish in Seattle!

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Asian American and/or Pacific Islander Owned
Women Owned

Rather Puckish is its own little world where everyone is welcome. With each hand drawn digital illustration, puckishness can tease out a grin, express a strong point of view, or feel big feelings… and always spark that extra twinkle that makes someone stop and take a closer look.

The varied characters and off-center observations cannot help but be bright, bold, a little bit different, and just, well, puckish. Rather Puckish is thoughtfully cheeky, spirited, and relatable. Puckishness believes no one is too young or too old or too this or too that for Ideas with a capital I. Rather Puckish is about spreading joy, being the most YOU you can be, and finding good mischief and magic in every day.

Why puckish, you ask? At its core, Rather Puckish is about finding what lights you up, being exactly who you are without a care for what others might think, and leaning into it with everything you’ve got—being unabashedly yourself and meaning it with a pointed wink at the status quo.

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