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Window Art Display | Downtown


Women Owned

For its final month, Partners in Print’s activation features the letterpress work of partner artist Erin Shigaki in honor of Japanese Remembrance Day, February 19.

Erin (she/they) is a fourth-generation Japanese American who creates art that is community-based and focused on BIPOC experiences, often about the World War II incarceration of her community. She is keen to understand intergenerational trauma and explore the emergence of beauty and intimacy despite harsh circumstances. She believes that wielding art and activism to tell these stories can educate, redress, and incrementally heal.

Erin’s work is a call to us all to connect these stories to the struggles our Black, Brown, and Indigenous siblings continue to face today amidst a global pandemic, within the prison industrial complex, and simply out in the world within our broken system. None of us are free until all of us are free.

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