"I feel safe here"

Window Art Display | Pioneer Square


LGBTQ+ Owned
Women Owned

Clare Johnson’s installation is inspired by work with low-income housing institute, “tiny house village,” a space for people transitioning out of homelessness. Yet, residents often felt misrepresented by its dark fence; thus, art seemed to be a way to brighten the neighborhood’s presence. Residents sought to emphasize the village’s transformative power—suggesting bridges, stepping stones, and growing plants as metaphors for building connections, finding support, and transitioning to stability. Johnson designed fence banners that doubled as community coloring sheets for neighborhood celebrations. To honor those initial plans, this installation uses four large panels that mix the original designs with colorful, newly painted-in versions. The panels explore how we try to make space for ourselves while also connecting with others. Although the village itself comes from difficult and painful realities, the art joyfully celebrates crucial community spaces whose value often goes overlooked.

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