grayseas pies

Pop-Up Shop | Pioneer Square


Asian American and/or Pacific Islander Owned
Women Owned

grayseas pies is a homemade pie pop up business that was born out of quarantine. Gracie Santos makes each pie with love; each pie meant to connect her to you and you to each other. Gracie is from Maryland, but went to school in California and lived in New York before moving to Seattle. She started baking during lockdown in 2020 at first for family and friends. After trading pies with other small business owners, word got out and the response was so favorable that it just made sense to turn it into a business. Other small business owners inspire me and I like to collaborate with other bakers, makers, and creators to highlight their passions and stories as well. grayseas pies aims to raise donations for social justice organizations at least once a month.

Hosted in partnership with Cone & Steiner, a one-stop shop brimming indoors and out with fresh flowers and produce, dry goods, ice cream, and a curated selection of prepared foods.

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