Grace Athena Flott

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Grace Athena Flott is a painter fascinated by the myth of normalcy and social constructions of health, beauty, and gender. Raised in white suburban America, Flott spent her youth striving toward normalcy in all its forms until she experienced a major biographical disruption that placed her body firmly outside of mainstream representation. Remixing Italian Renaissance iconography and surrealistic narratives, Flott’s lifelike figurative paintings and portraiture speak to the dynamics of representation through a feminist disability justice lens. Premised on the notion that our identities are formed with and against other bodies, Flott’s work invites the viewer into intimate light-filled spaces where her emotive subjects toy with a normative gaze.

Flott’s exhibit entitled “Give Me Some Skin” includes prints of original works and an installation called “Amalgamation,” printed with patterns from her skin. For original artworks, prints, & commissions contact her at .

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