Esther Loopstra: Flourishing Underwater Forests

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This series is reflective of our interconnectedness to the ocean, especially the worlds of seaweed and kelp, and the regulation and healing we can find in relating to these biospheres in the ocean. In the PNW, we are linked to the ocean and its inhabitants in more ways than we can imagine. We are one of only 11 areas of the globe where kelp forests flourish, they serve as one of the most dynamic ecosystems on Earth.

My work takes the viewer on a passage, revealing the abstract essences of living structures that support us on a biological and energetic level like these biospheres. My paintings blur the lines between our human internal systems and the nature around us. Many times the work depicts what looks like living organs or organisms, viewing them from the vantage point of a landscape you could navigate and engage with. I also incorporate my poems into the work, inviting viewers on a journey that involves multiple senses.

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