Discovering Myself, The Mandalaverse by Swati

Window Art Display | Magnolia


Asian American and/or Pacific Islander Owned

Swati is a self-taught visual artist who creates intricate mandalas and abstracts. She is an introvert and was always interested in art and poetry. So, when she was first introduced to mandalas, she instantly connected with the mindfulness and zen-like state of the art-form. After 4 years of practice, she is now pursuing art full-time and happily continues to create art each day. She likes to learn new art forms and integrate them with her style of mandalas.
The theme of this installation is ‘Discovering Myself’ where each artwork represents a destination in the journey of life. The process from ideation to creation of the art is analogous to how one reaches a new destination, explores and experiences it and moves on to the next one with new learnings.

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