Anterior Periapt

Window Art Display | Downtown


Asian American and/or Pacific Islander Owned
Women Owned

Curious about light as an invitation to interaction and play, we ask the question: How might the viewer be transformed and see beyond what is visible on the surface? Our site-specific sculpture explore the themes of contemplation, cultural connection, and mystery.

These illuminated vessels have three levels of engagement. The first is the experience of light expanding outwards from the blocks themselves. As the viewer comes closer to investigate, they are invited to consider the language forms on the exterior of the acrylic cubes – a touchpoint to liminal spaces and even unspoken prayers. Upon closer inspection, they will see the hidden objects within each cube. Our desire is to create a shrine-like monument that evokes contemplation and wonder.

This work was created by Lumi, an artist duo consisting of May and Daniel Kytonen.

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