A huge thank you to Seattle Restored’s alumni! Below you can find info on previous activations and how to support them!

Kyle Krauskopf | All About the Stories Website

All About the Stories was a sampling of projects and works Kyle completed during his time here in Seattle. Originally from Indiana, he made the move out west in search of adventure. Be it year-long, daily art projects such as 365 Days of Wood, or a small celebration of those most influential in his life, such as Gratefully In Your Debt, he endeavors to bring art and hope to every facet of his life thereby spreading a little of it to those who come into contact with him and his work.

May & Daniel Kytonen | Anterior Periapt Website

These illuminated vessels had three levels of engagement. The first was the experience of light expanding outwards from the blocks themselves. As the viewer came closer to investigate, they were invited to consider the language forms on the exterior of the acrylic cubes – a touchpoint to liminal spaces and even unspoken prayers. Upon closer inspection, they saw the hidden objects within each cube. Their desire was to create a shrine-like monument that evoked contemplation and wonder.

Plamena Milusheva & Choong Ng Burst out of your Bubble Website

Burst Out of Your Bubble was an interactive installation designed to delight people by inviting them to experience the magic of conducting their very own bubble symphony. Burst out of your Bubble wanted to offer tentative hope that things will be different this year and invite people to seize the small moments of joy, as ephemeral and beautiful as a bubble floating by.

Damon Brown | Creative Lou Website

Damon Brown is a Seattle, WA-based artist who, from an early age, knew he loved art and creating new designs. He drew inspiration from comic books as he spent countless hours exploring different images and heroic storylines which opened his eyes to artistic creation. As his imagination grew, he began to study various art movements, illustration styles, and urban art. This, in turn, taught him how things like color, shape, story, and texture can manifest into something so vivid for people to feel and see.

flower flower Website

(not a flower shop) – Growing Idea, Tending Soil

flower flower is a neighborhood arts “greenhouse” where community stories flourish, and creative expression is nurtured, cultivated, and resourced.

flower flower is founded by a collective of queer and trans, Pasifika and Asian artists and cultural workers who aim to create accessible, thriving art spaces in the Chinatown International District for our communities to heal and grow.

Carly Milne | Gallery LoCA Website

LoCA (Local Contemporary Art Ltd.) connects artists, spaces, and buyers – locally and globally. The gallery space through Seattle Restored allowed the public to experience and purchase art from local Seattle-area artists.

Soo Hong | Lockdown Vista | Website

“Lockdown Vista” is an art installation exhibiting three large paintings from Soo Hong’s Dream Walk series. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she started to truly appreciate visiting lakes and walking on trails. She became attracted to East Asian botanical ink-wash paintings and Edvard Munch’s landscapes, spending time experimenting with Chinese ink on rice paper. Later, these ink-wash paintings were collaged and painted with acrylic paints on canvases. She uses abstract visuals as a way of connecting and uplifting people with open-mindedness because abstract art offers various meanings to each viewer.

Nikita Ares | Gigil Website

Nikita Ares is a Seattle-based painter originally from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Through her art, Ares integrates traditional and modern gestures to depict the bond between the flow of energy and the chaos of movement. She uses drawing and painting to represent this symbiosis and how it affects the dynamic between people, objects, and nature.

Gracie Santos grayseas pies Website

grayseas pies is a homemade pie pop up business that was born out of quarantine. Gracie Santos makes each pie with love; each pie meant to connect her to you and you to each other. She started baking during lockdown in 2020 at first for family and friends. Other small business owners inspire her and she likes to collaborate with other bakers, makers, and creators to highlight their passions and stories as well. grayseas pies aims to raise donations for social justice organizations at least once a month.

Symonne Larison | Now, i let myself free Website

Now, I let myself free was a series about self-discovery, self-reflection, self-understanding, and its transition to self-compassion. It embodied the highs and lows that many of us feel as we grow more into who we are. Monie found herself using deep colors and rough textures of paint to develop the dense and intense emotions in the paintings. The use of colors in her creations balances the emotions within a piece, while the texture allows them to still speak. Monie desires to not only feel the world but, to be felt by it too. We all experience human emotions; her art happens to be where she expresses hers, and by doing so, connects her to those around her.

Kari Kalway Puddles Barkery Website

Ready to treat your dog? Puddles Barkery’s treats are made with local ingredients and no preservatives. They range from soft biscuit treats for all your adventures to Cakes, Cannoli, and Mini Pupcakes for all your celebrations. While you’re stocking up on treats, check out their handmade hats for dogs and humans! If you feel like matching or want a particular color scheme, they offer custom hats orders too.

Seattle Restored Event 01

Seattle Restored Market  | June – August 2022

Check out the previous Seattle Restored Market Phase 1’s collective participants:
blaksands – vintage pieces & hand knit accessories
Chunks – consciously designed & responsibly made hair clips
Lunaraya – rejuvenate with products that are kind to our bodies & the world
Rescue Vintage – online vintage mid century furniture restoration
Smash The Box – community driven urban planning & design firm
Technicolor Dino – functional objects with a playfully bright spirit
The Power Plant Seattle – plants, gifts, community, staging, collaboration

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Seattle Restored Market  | October – December 2022

Check out the previous Seattle Restored Market Phase 2’s collective participants:
Afrobeatnik Denim – Highly-curated classic denim
Anna Elizabeth Ceramics– Seattle-made, sister-owned, small batch ceramics
Dogwood & Moss – Vegan. Sustainable. USA Made. Candle Cooperative 
Rescue Vintage – online vintage mid century furniture restoration
Mia Wyatt Glass – Stained glass artist, painter, printmaker
Studio Tenjung – Contemporary Tibetan hand knotted rugs
Suzi Spooner Illustration – Illustrator of vibrant, whimsical artwork

The Beacon | Website

The Beacon is an inclusive, safe and fun place that interacts with the community through arts-based programs that include dance classes and community events. Through our programs we engage people in fun activities that encourage creative expression and positive change. The Beacon also offers its space for rent for other creatives that want to host rehearsals, events, etc.

Tan Nguyen | Soulvenir | Website

Soulvenir focuses on Vietnamese culture, history & individuals through clothing, art, and design. Every project that Soulvenir team have designed and presented to the world has both direct and indirect reference to the subjects mentioned above. Soulvenir aims to be a platform for Vietnamese around the world to connect, to recollect, and most importantly to spark conversations and to showcase the beautiful Vietnam to the world.

Avery Barnes | TASWIRA | Website

TASWIRA is the First African Streetwear Store in the Nation. Their initiative works to address, educate, provide, aid, and protect indigenous African communities. TASWIRA also aims to empower women’s presence and competition in the global economy. All of their products are hand made in Africa through their developing Women’s Empowerment Center in Mombasa, Kenya. Additionally, they are the first brand to collaborate with and support the World – Renowned Maasai Tribe, and host Kenya’s FIRST ALL WOMENS BUSINESS MARKET.

Xin Xin | Xin Xin | Website

Xin Xin is a self-taught artist who explores the healing of traumatic emotions through watercolor and paper-weaving abstraction. Her exhibited work includes a series of maps filled with pockets of love and loss representing growth (steps) and grief (tears). She uses a variety of colors, movements, and emotions to lay out stories that, from a distance, become almost invisible. Yet, this “invisibility” is a metaphor for how everyone’s life from afar may seem perfect, but in reality, we often struggle in silence.

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