This PDF toolkit identifies materials you may need to purchase in order to activate your Seattle Restored storefront or window. These suggestions were chosen with intention but they are general recommendations. You may need more or different materials than what’s specified. Required health and safety items including fire extinguishers and walk off mats for pop-up activations are outlined here as well. 

1B - Seattle Restored Resources

The below spreadsheet coordinates with the above Activation PDF toolkit

1C - Compliance and Community Resources

This PDF identifies resources for business compliance as well as information for community services.

1D - Retail Design Toolkit

Design concepts to help you visualize your window or pop-up space layout. Special emphasis on ADA compliance and safety requirements.

1E - Scan to Shop Solution

Learn the step-by-step instructions to generate QR codes for your business and turn your window display into a sales driver that finally puts the “shopping” in window shopping.

1F - Project Manage Your Activation Checklist

Activate your Seattle Restored storefront using this project management planner. This planner can be used for your grand opening, product launches, and other space activations.



A checklist to help you welcome customers into your pop-up as well as promotional checklist for all activations.


An opening and closing checklist for your pop-up space decreases the time it takes to complete necessary tasks and improves the quality of those tasks. Put intentions behind your daily tasks with the Daily Business Assessment. Use this to optimize what’s in your control and to make the most of simple actions.



With well-displayed products, you can offer a memorable shopping experience and create additional value for your customers. This training program will teach you how to combine fixture placement, display pieces, and signage in a thoughtful and achievable way.

3A1. Video and Audio (View-only and password protected)

3A2. Program Workbook

3A3. Transcript

3A4. Presentation Slides

3B - Sell More at Full Price

There are a number of ways to improve sales, including where you place your product in your space. This training program will help improve sales throughout your participation with intentional product placement.

3B1. Video and Audio (View-only and password protected)

3B2. Program Workbook

3B3. Transcript

3B4. Presentation Slides

3C - Secrets to Successful Selling on Live Video 

In this two-part workshop, you’ll learn the secrets of successful live stream selling, studio tours, and behind-the-scenes videos — even if you’re terrified to show up on camera. Gain insight on little-known skills, tips, and tech requirements that will help you make better use of social media selling. 

3D - Retail Design Toolkit

The below videos and transcript coordinates with 1D Retail Design Toolkit.

3D1. Video (View-only and password protected)

3D2. Transcript

3E - Literal QR Codes and Literal Window Shopping Video

Learn the step-by-step instructions to generate QR codes for your business and turn your window display into a sales driver that finally puts the “shopping” in window shopping. Forged out of a pandemic pivot, this new retail concept of Literal Window Shopping creates the bridge between the in-person and e-commerce experiences. An option to safely shop local for those reluctant to return to in-store retail.

Co-Creator of The Scan to Shop Solution will share insights on how to best use this invaluable tool. Discover how these little pixelated squares will help capture leads, offer social distance shopping, facilitate contactless checkout, and convert window shopping into actual sales 24/7.

Seattle Restored has purchased The Scan to Shop Solution Guidebook for all activations to utilize. You can access below. 

3F - How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Use social media to most effectively drive direct sales, how to promote your business without sounding like a broken record and how to create a meaningful social media content strategy. Looking to take social engagement to the next level? The class covers six free Apps to improve engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. 

3G - Commercial Leasing Workshop

Are you a business owner that would like to locate a commercial property for a retail storefront or production space? This workshop will offer you a 101 session on commercial leasing.

As a reminder the above materials are for personal use as a participant of the Seattle Restored project. Please do not distribute. 

Seattle Restored encourages everyone to participate in its programs and activities.

For translation, disability accommodations, materials in alternate formats, or accessibility information, contact Seattle Restored Program manager at

Please provide at least 72 hrs. notice will help ensure availability; sign language interpreting requests may take longer. 

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