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Artist Julia Ugarte in front of her Seattle Restored installation, Rather Puckish in Seattle!
Artist Julia Ugarte in front of her Seattle Restored installation, Rather Puckish in Seattle! Photo by GrowingBoyMedia.

It feels like Seattle summer is flying by! Thankfully there is still plenty of time and sunshine left to continue exploring the city. With the launch of new art installations and pop-up shops, our summer adventures have only just begun.

If you don’t know where to start, sign up for Seattle Restored’s free digital passport to guide you through 20 new, local pop-ups and installations across five iconic neighborhoods.

Throughout these neighborhoods, you will find vibrant artwork as well as unique business concepts, like Self-Made Couture. The black-owned custom clothier brand specializes in suits, tuxedos, coats, blazers, and more.

Self-Made Couture lookbook.
Self-Made Couture lookbook. Photo by GrowingBoyMedia.

Co-owners Brandon and Sydney Chestnut are dedicated to helping their customers look and feel their best. “When a customer comes in,” the co-owners explain, “we bring out all our fabrics and buttons and hear about your vision. You can customize everything–you can even have a different button in each buttonhole if you want. With most suit shops, everything is standardized, but at Self-Made Couture, the customizations are endless.”

Rather Puckish in Seattle! art display by Julia Ugarte. Photo by GrowingBoyMedia.
Rather Puckish in Seattle! by Julia Ugarte. Photo by GrowingBoyMedia.

Head south to Seattle’s original downtown, Pioneer Square, and you will find over a dozen Seattle Restored venues adding color and activity to the beloved, historic neighborhood. Julia Ugarte’s installation, Rather Puckish in Seattle!, has found a temporary home in the windows of the Masin Building. For Julia, seeing her work on display in Seattle was a full-circle moment.

“When I was growing up, my family would often go into Seattle on Sunday afternoons. Armed with a camera or a sketchbook, I would try to capture all the hidden corners of the city with their everyday magic and eclectic shop windows. I am so delighted to now have the opportunity to share my imagination with the community that fed it all along.”

Check out the Seattle Restored Passport to learn where you can find more experiences like Self-Made Couture and Rather Puckish!


Coming Soon: A Space for Local Events

An exciting new location is coming to the Seattle Restored Passport. This August, the program will open a new venue on 5th Avenue called Seattle Restored Downtown. A grant opportunity for artists, businesses, and local organizations will be launched in tandem with the venue, to provide free use of the space for events.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our Seattle Restored Downtown Venue Grant later this summer as a new pathway for artists, business owners, and community groups to bring dynamic and exciting events to downtown Seattle!” said Program Manager Andrea Porter. 

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